Fill in your details to receive a brochure for Alma Mater PhD in Applied Artificial Intelligence program


Fill in your details to receive a brochure for Alma Mater PhD in Applied Artificial Intelligence program
A three-year PhD program starts in October 2024
Tailored for those who work
Study in any time zone
Online sessions + in-person meetings in Europe and US once per semester
Fully accredited and globally recognized PhD degree

Unleash Your Potential - Combine the Development of Your AI Solution with a PhD

Explore the Frontiers of AI at Alma Mater Europaea with our cutting-edge PhD program in Applied Artificial Intelligence, which is deeply research-oriented. We are excited to invite experts with revolutionary ideas to integrate the development of their AI solutions into our prestigious PhD program in Applied Artificial Intelligence. Doctoral supervisors include members of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, which unites two thousand leading scholars, 34 of whom are Nobel Prize winners.


European Academy of Sciences and Arts, which unites two thousand leading scholars, including 34 Nobel Prize winners, initiated the Alma Mater Europaea international university.


Students participate in the Alma Mater Europaea’s annual It’s About People conference, the top-tier academic meeting of Europe’s science leaders and scholars.


Professors of universities, including Oxford, Harvard, Yale, and Columbia, regularly speak to the Alma Mater community.


Truly international student community. Students from 30+ countries. Unparalleled networking and unique friendship for life.


While studying at Alma Mater, non-EU citizens work at Europe’s prime corporations in Germany, Austria and elsewhere in the EU.


Study online and meet classmates and professors at intense week-long in-person meetings in Europe and US once per semester.


Doctoral students write doctoral dissertations supervised by the world’s leading AI scholars and scientists.


Donor foundations offer generous merit-based and need-based scholarships and grants of 120,000 Euros for three years.


Two students will be awarded the prestigious AI scholarship covering all costs, including full tuition, travel, and board.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Alma Mater’s PhD in Applied AI is deeply research-oriented and aims to shape the next generation of innovators, researchers, and thought leaders who will drive the future of AI technology. Doctoral candidates will get an opportunity to work on a variety of projects under the mentorship of our distinguished faculty. Doctoral supervisors include members of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, which unites two thousand leading scholars, 34 of whom are Nobel Prize winners.

The program is suitable for both full-time students and those who work. You can study from any time zone or study while working in one of our partner corporations and research labs throughout the European Union.

The Applied AI PhD study is open to citizens or residents of any country who have previously completed bachelor’s or master’s degree studies or equivalent in any discipline, typically received after four or five years of higher education.

The candidates who do not have a background in Computer Sciences, AI, or related fields take introductory training in computer science and applications of AI in areas such as management, economics, public policy, medicine, or others, in the first few months of their studies.

Our curriculum is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of AI, including machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, computer vision, robotics, and AI ethics. It is curated by a globally renowned faculty, pioneering research in AI, and is regularly updated to reflect the rapid advancements in the field.

Alma Mater Europaea boasts professors and lecturers who are renowned scholars, scientists, and, frequently, industry leaders. Distinguished CEOs of global corporations frequently deliver guest lectures, providing students with invaluable insights and expertise.

The study program spans 36 months, but there is potential to complete it sooner. It consists of six semesters, each lasting four months. Each November and March, students meet for intense week-long in-person sessions in Vienna, Austria, Maribor, Slovenia, or New York City, US. In the first four semesters there are classes, and in the last two semesters, students finish their research projects and dissertations.

The degree obtained upon completion of the program is a Doctor of Science in Applied Artificial Intelligence.

Alma Mater Europaea

A Truly Global University

Alma Mater Europaea is an international university initiated by the European Academy of Sciences and Arts in Salzburg, Austria. The Academy unites about 2,000 top scientists, including 34 Nobel Prize winners. Over 2,000 students from 30+ countries study at Alma Mater’s doctoral, master, and bachelor programs in humanities, project management, artificial intelligence, sustainable development, business, strategic communication, social gerontology, physical therapy and nursing.

Student Testimonials

Alex Karvin
Alex Karvin
Computer Science Program, Alma Mater Europaea
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Studying at Alma Mater Europaea has been an incredible journey of personal and academic growth. The small class sizes foster a close-knit community, allowing for individual attention and meaningful interactions with professors. The campus facilities are modern and well-equipped, creating a conducive environment for learning.
Carolin S. Liese
Carolin S. Liese
Health Sciences & Diversity Program. Alma Mater Europaea
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On the Welcome day, all the necessary information and contacts for my future studies were provided, followed by a delightful brunch where Erasmus+ student tutors shared valuable insights about Maribor and student life. Now, halfway through the semester, I have gained valuable experience in my chosen courses and the international setting of studying abroad has greatly enhanced my soft skills and deepened my understanding of international competencies.
Henok Kiflom Teklu
Henok Kiflom Teklu
Applied Artificial Intelligence Program, Alma Mater Europaea
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After earning a degree in Machine Learning from Purdue University and studying in masters at IHE Delft, Netherlands, pursuing a PhD in Applied AI at Alma Mater was the best decision I made. The program propelled my career to new heights while allowing me to work and research at the same time. The International Office team is helpful, and the experience overall is wonderful.
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